Song 1980-7: The Commodores, “Still”

Up to song 1980-7 (“Still” by The Commodores) in our review of every song to appear on the Hot 100 in the ’80s decade. Reaching #1 in late 1979, it was on the way down the charts in 1980, but stuck around long enough to end up the #23 song of the year.

Okay, while we’re camped out here let’s go ahead and address the elephant in the room. I love Lionel Richie’s songs. I really do. BUT how many of his hits sound alike? Listen to “My Love,” “Three Times a Lady” and “Say You, Say Me.” Having said that, props to the man for using the same chord progression time after time and getting more hit records.

Memorable lyric: “So many dreams that flew away. So many words we didn’t say.”


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