Song 1980-9: Kool and The Gang, “Ladies Night”

Kool and The Gang was quite successful in the ’80s. Don’t get me wrong, they had their share of hits in the ’70s, but it was our favorite decade that really made them a worldwide phenomenon.  “Ladies Night” was their first hit in the ’80s, and they would go on to have 14 more top 40 hits before the ’90s rolled around. In total, Kool and The Gang saw 19 songs reach the HOT 100 in the ’80s (which means 198x Radio plays all 19 of their hits).

“Ladies Night” peaked at #8 in early 1980. I remember hearing this on the radio and at times thinking it was the same song as the Four Seasons’ classic “December ’63 (Oh What a Night)” due to the line “…Oh what a night…” in “Ladies Night.”

Oh, and like every other ’80s fan, I first thought the lead singer was “Kool.” Yeah, I know NOW that the lead singer is “J.T.” Taylor, and that Kool is the guy playing the bass. If you never knew that until now, you’re welcome.

Apparently ’90s band Hootie and the Blowfish liked the idea of confusing people also. But they went even a step further: there is no one named “Hootie” in their band. That just blows.

Memorable lyric: “On disco lights, your name will be seen. You can fulfill all your dreams.”


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