Song 1980-17: Prince, “I Wanna Be Your Lover”

As I blog this entry on Thursday, April 21, 2016, my Twitter and Facebook feeds are blowing up with the news on the passing of Prince earlier today.

“I Wanna Be Your Lover” was Prince’s first top 40 hit, so it is how many people remember being introduced to him. In 1980 it just missed the top 10, getting as high as #11. However, it was popular enough to end up the #95 song for the entire year.

As an artist, Prince would go on to have over 25 hits in the ’80s alone. If you add in his contributions as a songwriter and producer you can easily double that number. And remember, that’s not even taking into account his songs from the ’90s…

Memorable lyric: “And I get discouraged ’cause you treat me just like a child and they say I’m so shy. Yeah, but with you I just go wild.”


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