Song 1980-23: Daryl Hall and John Oates, “Wait for Me”

Okay, here we go. Really, I mean it this time. What can I say about Hall & Oates? I’m afraid if I say anything I’ll leave something out. The good news is they appear so many times in the ’80s HOT 100 charts (22 times to be exact, plus a few solos and guest appearances for good measure) that I’ve got plenty of blogs to talk them up.

So here’s what I’ll share in today’s blog… My first rock concert was Hall and Oates’ Live Through ’85 tour when they played Atlanta. It was my first time in a huge arena, and I remember how small they looked from the nose -bleed seats I was in. But I also remember how much I just didn’t care. I was seeing one of my favorite bands LIVE! And I was at my first rock concert!

Oh, and I also remember seeing the live version of “Wait for Me” listed on their ’80s greatest hits package Rock ‘n Soul Part 1 and not knowing the song. Somehow I knew it wasn’t one of the new songs they recorded for the album like “Say it Isn’t So” or “Adult Education” but I simply had no idea why it was on the album. Turns out I was the one with the problem: The song was a top 20 hit, reaching #18 in 1980 and became the #88 song for the entire year. Not bad for a song I “didn’t know.”

The live video posted below features the great guitar work of H&O’s G.E. Smith. He may look familiar, as you’ve probably seen him in vintage Saturday Night Live episodes. He was the show’s band leader the last half of the ’80s.

Memorable lyric: “Please forgive all the disturbance I’m creating but you got a lot to learn if you think that I’m not waiting for you.”


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