Song 1980-26: Supertramp, “Take the Long Way Home”

Back in the day my oldest brother owned a bunch of great albums from the ’70s, and since I was only 10 or 11 I didn’t own any. Unfortunately being the clumsy little brother, I wasn’t allowed in his room and was therefore denied access to his albums. So what does a 10-or-11 year-old do when he wants to listen to those off-limit vinyl discs? Naturally, I would fake being sick so that I could stay home from school, and after everyone was gone from the house I would boldly strut into his room and listen to his album collection.

Well, what would you have done?

Anyway, his collection included classics such as Double Vision by Foreigner, 52nd Street by Billy Joel and Breakfast in America by Supertramp, to name just a few. Those albums shaped my musical stylings for sure.

“Take the Long Way Home” was included on the aforementioned Supertramp album with the very recognizable diner waitress standing in front of a city background made of salt and pepper shakers, egg cartons, coffee cups and other breakfast-related items, all the while holding a glass filled with what I always figured was just orange juice (am I being too naive?). It’s one of those songs that reached its peak in late 1979 (#10) and was on its way down the charts when the ’80s rolled around. Even so, it ended up being the #86 song of 1980.

Memorable lyric: “And then your wife seems to think you’re part of the furniture. Oh, it’s peculiar. She used to be so nice.”


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