Song 1980-29: Dionne Warwick, “Déjà Vu”

Some people remember Dionne Warwick for her hit songs such as “Then Came You” (with the Spinners in the ’70s) and “That’s What Friends are For” (song 1985-350). Some remember her for several TV acting guest roles. Yet others remember her as cousin to the late Whitney Houston.

However, I remember Dionne most as the first host of the ULTIMATE ’80s pop music and dance show Solid Gold. She left after the first season, came back some years later, and left again. Solid Gold was one of the few network shows out at the time where you could see current pop singers singing their latest hits, albeit 99% of the time it was lip synched- which made for cheesy looking end-of-song fade outs as the singers would back off their microphones and the studio audience was cued to clap. I always wondered how in the world the show’s producers thought they were fooling anyone as the instrumentalists just kept playing through the fade…

But I digress.

“Déjà Vu” reached #15 in 1980 and ended up the #84 song of that year.

Memorable lyric: “How can it be? We’re a different space in time. Come to me. Feel like I’m home in a place I used to know long ago.”


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