Song 1980-32: M, “Pop Muzik”

M is Robin Scott. There, now you know what the letter stands for.

A staple on MTV in the early ’80’s (after the cable channel went on the air in August 1981), “Pop Muzik” is another #1 hit from 1979 that was making its way down the chart when 1980 rolled around. So technically, the song only reached #32 in the ’80s.

To this day, the song is often confused with The Buggles “Video Killed the Radio Star” (song 1980-84). Both songs were released and peaked in late 1979, have very odd accompanying music videos and were recorded by one-hit wonders. However, whereas “Video Killed…” only reached #40 on the HOT 100, “Pop Muzik” was much more successful, and ended up becoming the #40 song of 1980.

Just a reminder that I am attempting in this 198x blog to not post the official promotional videos but rather more obscure live performances. The video below is not the official, but nonetheless just as interesting.

Memorable lyric: “New York, London, Paris, Munich. Everybody talk about pop music.”


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