Song 1980-35: Steve Forbert, “Romeo’s Tune”

With the memorable and infectious piano run throughout the song, Steve Fobert’s “Romeo’s Tune” climbed to #11 in 1980 and was labeled a OHW (one-hit wonder). However, I am a stickler when it comes to that label.

In fact, Mr. Fobert most certainly did appear on the HOT 100 chart again. As a matter of fact it was later that same year. You’ll have to wait until song 1980-226 to hear about his follow-up song, but now would be  a great time to get this off my chest…

In my humble, yet call-a-spade-a-spade opinion, a OHW should only be assigned to someone who appears on the HOT 100 chart one time. Period. One time. If a name change is involved, well, we can talk about that at a different time. But  I have seen too many recording acts labeled a one-hit wonder when in fact they had a second, and sometimes even a third, chart single. Granted, the unfamiliar song may have been a dud, and maybe only ten people in the entire country bought the single, but if it appeared on the HOT 100 chart, it counts.

Can you tell I’m passionate about this topic?

So Steve, if you are out there somewhere reading this, I urge you to lift your drooping head and know that 198x boldly proclaims that you are not a one-hit wonder. (Insert trumpet fanfare here.)

“Romeo’s Tune” ended up the #60 song of 1980.

Memorable lyric: “Meet me in the middle of the day. Let me hear you say everything’s okay. Bring me southern kisses from your room.”



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