Song 1980-45: Styx, “Why Me?”

This makes three songs in a row by a band that rose to fame in the ’70s but had to wait until the ’80s to see their greatest chart success. We’ve already heard from Styx in this 198x blog with their hit song “Babe.” The album on which that song appeared (Cornerstone) also produced the follow-up “Why Me?,” a #26 song in 1980.

In my iTunes collection of every song to appear on the HOT 100 in the ’80s, this is the first title that forms a question. I’ve always debated whether to not to include question marks in titles, seeing how some stylizations of such songs include it and others do not. And it’s not as if all complete-sentence-titles include punctuation in America (i.e. you don’t see “Please Don’t Go.” or “Do That To Me One More Time.”). I’m also concerned that I won’t be consistent throughout the blog. Guess I just need to make a decision one way or the other!


And yes, I hereby give you permission to reprimand me should I forget to use the question mark in future song titles.

Memorable lyric: “Hard times come. Hard times go. And in between you hope and pray the scars don’t show.”


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