Song 1980-50: Robert John, “Lonely Eyes”

After four songs with “Love” in the title, we come to a song by Robert John about a woman with no love. How sad…

I recently created a word cloud using the titles of every song to appear on the HOT 100 in the ’80s. You know what word clouds are, right? It’s those computer generated images containing whatever words you input. The more  a word appears, the larger the font. Anyhow, guess what word was the biggest.


“Lonely Eyes” is another one of those songs that just missed cracking the top 40. It stalled at #41. But try not to be too disappointed in Mr. John. He had already gone all the way to #1 a year earlier with a similar titled song (“Sad Eyes”).

I’ve always been amazed that this song was not written by The Bee Gees. It sounds like their songs. Spot on. Listen to it and think of their “Nights on Broadway.” Instead, it was written by Mike Piccirillo.

Memorable lyric: “But they both know she’s lying. It’s not coming from the heart.”


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