#1980-61: Dann Rogers, “Looks Like Love Again”

So here’s the third song in the ’80s to peak at the worst possible position: #41. I mean, at least the last two artists we already talked about (see #1980-47 and #1980-50) had other songs that reached the top 40, but not this guy. This is his only HOT 100 entry. That makes him an official One-Hit Wonder, unlike his uncle. Who’s his uncle? Listen to the song. The last name is your only hint.

Dann Rogers did have a minor adult contemporary hit later in the year called “China.” It reached #34 on Billboard’s Hot Adult Contemporary Singles chart… but that still makes him a OHW on the HOT 100 chart.

Oh, and as for my comment about the worst possible peak position: I stand by it. Some may say having a song peak at #2, or perhaps #11, is worse. If your song makes the Top 40, you’re a legit pop artist. Peaking at #2 is frustrating, sure, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Who’s with me?! I would gladly record a #2 (or #11) song over a #41.

Rant over.

Memorable lyric: “I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine. I learned my lesson very well: you may lose your heart, you can never tell.”


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