1980-67: Dan Fogelberg, “Longer”

The man can write one heck of a song. Here’s a beautiful ballad about a man who has been in love with someone “longer than there have been fishes in the ocean” and will be forever.

It was such a simple message with a great melody and was known to many as “that song with the flugelhorn.” It was a staple on adult contemporary radio throughout the ’80s and ended up on pretty much every love song mix-tape I assembled.

A shout out to my chorus from Milton High School: this was one of the songs we would blare in the bus on the way back from off-site concerts and competitions.

“Longer” was Fogelberg’s first top 10 song, almost going all the way to the top, but ended up peaking at #2 in 1980. It was the most successful song of his career, and most successful of the twelve songs he placed in the HOT 100 in the ’80s.

Memorable lyric: “I’ll bring fire in the winters. You’ll send showers in the springs. We’ll fly through the falls and summers with love on our wings.”


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