1980-70: Leif Garrett, “Memorize Your Number”

By the time the ’80s rolled around it would seem Leif Garrett was ready to call it quits. Well, at least his fans did. He falls into the same category as Andy Gibb and Rex Smith: fairly successful solo artists that were pinned up on every schoolgirl’s bedroom wall in the late ’70s, only to be replaced in the early ’80s with those of Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise and Duran Duran.

Garrett appeared on the HOT 100 three times in the ’80s with this song peaking the highest (#60). Compare that to his three top 40 singles in the ’70s which includes his most successful “I Was Made for Dancing.”

These days I see Mr. Garrett on pretty much every “World’s Most Dangerous…” or “World’s Most Stupid…” home video countdown show.

Memorable lyric: “Before you move in with me and move out a year from now don’t forget that I told you it’s perfect, but you spoiled it somehow.”


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