So What Is 198x? And Who Am I?

Wondering what 198x 198xlogois all about? Most ’80s radio and internet stations and blogs play and discuss only the most popular songs of the decade. My plan is to use 198x to play and discuss EVERY song that appeared on the Hot 100 chart from January 1980 through December 1989. I mean it when I say EVERY song. Just read on or listen in and you’ll become a believer. But be warned. Playing every song on 198x sister radio station means there will occasionally come a song that you cannot stand. Period. I understand.

But to be a TRUE ’80s blog and radio station I feel obliged to play them all. The hits and the  misses. The top of the chart and the bottom. The smashes and the duds. So since most songs are 3-4 minutes long just hang in there.

As for the blog, I will give you a quick teaser of each song with some chart peak info and present a music video (when available) of the song. I’ll attempt to link a “live” or non-official video, for fun, rather than the ones we’ve seen 1000 times. Oh, and I’ll be sure to add a personal comment as well so you get some type of idea of how I feel about each song.

By the way, like many, I am a music lover. I grew up in Alpharetta, Georgia, listening to pop radio in the ’80s on Z-93, and kept track of the top 40 along with all the other “chart geeks” as Casey Kasem counted them down on American Top 40. In high school I was a music editor for the school paper. I studied voice and commercial music in college and obtained a Masters in Music Education. Started a short career in radio in Nashville, TN, at the now-defunct WLAC Star 106 FM before becoming a music teacher. Since 1997 I have been a worship leader, most recently in the northern Cincinnati area. I even have a Doctorate in worship theology, writing my dissertation on worship choirs. But like they say: “You can take the kid out of ’80s pop music, but you can’t take the ’80s pop music out of the kid.” (Or something like that.) I returned to radio in 2016. “I’m living on in the air in Cincinnati.” No, really.

So enjoy! Enjoy listening to all the songs on the internet station. Enjoy reading the blog entries about each song. And enjoy the music videos, too.

Be sure to contact me if you have any questions!